Dyal Singh College, Karnal as it stands today is a premier co-educational centre of  learning of Northern India, accredited with Grade "A" by NAAC. With a stregth of 3940 students, the college has all the three steams of learning - Arts, Science and  Commerce, with Post Graduates courses in English, Hindi, Political Science and Chemistry, along with the add-on and vocational courses. The college is presently headed by the versatile Principal, Dr. Rakesh Kumar Bhardwaj, under the esteemed guidance of Shri Dewan Gajendra Kumar- an embodiment of uncommon wisdom, learning and love for Academia - President, Dyal Singh College Trust Society, and the dynamic leadership of Shri Arvind Kaul IAS (Retd.), a man of letters with a rare administrative acumen, who holds the office of the General Secretary, Dyal Singh College Governing Body.  Dyal Singh College completed Hundred Years of its birth, On May 3, 2010 turning it into a century- old Fortress of Learining and Education... maintaining the tradition of Spirituality and Scientific temper in a world of diminishing human values...inculcating in young minds, a harmonious blend of the "Wisdom of the East and West". To quote our honourable President, Dewan Gajandra Kumar, "The lead word in our Motto is Wisdom. And Morality and Ethics are not far behind". True to the Will of our illustrious Founder, late Sardar Dyal Singh Majithia, the path of Wisdom, Morality and Ethics has been the kindling force all along. Turning Hundred is a Momentous event for us ! This is the time for us to reckon, the time for us to ponder! Yet, this is no less a time for us to rejoice at the Hundred years of our glorious past, as also the time to celebrate the Hundred years of Excellence!


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